Serving Mendham & Chester youth since 2015

The Tee-Ball league is aimed at the introduction and development of baseball fundamentals (e.g., proper throwing and catching, positions, basic strategies) in a non-competitive environment. Tee-Ball uses a "soft" baseball with players hitting off "Tees". Tee-ball players are typically ages 5-6 and generally grades K & pre-K. A player must be 5 years old as of April 30 to be eligible.  The league may place all pre-K players together depending upon enrollment.  Girls are encouraged to join the Farm Softball division to work on fundamentals for softball but can certainly join Tee-Ball if desired. 
This level is intended to give players the initial opportunity to utilize a pitching machine and/or coach pitch to promote safe play and hitting, as well as faster play. Softer baseballs are used and protective gear is required. The game format is 4 inning games, balls/strikes/outs but no scorekeeping. Players are generally 1st and 2nd graders. This level will progress as the season continues.
The  level (ages 9-10) offer further player development under structured, game conditions. Players play on the 46/60 foot diamond, pitch hard balls, batters/runners are called safe or out, and scores for six-inning games are kept. Though standings are kept, the primary focus throughout the season is on players' understanding of the game and development toward their own potential. A playoff is optional. Some 9 yr. old players may be included as needed, selected by age & rating
In this baseball level, all aspects of the game are developed.