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CMLL Baseball and Softball


Addendum to General Rules for MAJOR and JUNIOR Leagues

  1. The maximum age is 12 for Majors and 14 for Juniors.
  2. Base distance is 60 feet.
  3. Pitching distance is 40 feet for Majors and 43 feet for Juniors.
  4. Extra-inning games are allowed, time permitting but games can end in ties
  5. A ‘hit by pitch’ is determined at the umpire’s discretion and includes a potentially dangerous pitch. A warning will be issued to both benches after the pitcher after 3 hit batters per inning or 4 per game by a potentially dangerous pitch.  Upon a fourth batter being hit in a game, the pitcher will be removed from pitching, but is eligible for re-entry into any position other than pitcher.
  6. If batter shows bunt, pulls back and swings, batter is automatically out, runners on base cannot advance, and the ball is declared dead.  Swinging after bunt is illegal and dangerous.  
  7. A batter may square to bunt and pull back with no consequence.
  8. Runners can advance on overthrows until ball is returned to pitcher. If a ball goes beyond the fenced boundaries of the field, it becomes a dead ball. Time out is called by the umpire and the batter is awarded a ground rule double and all runners are allowed to advance to the base they were headed to plus 1 base. Runners standing on a base are awarded only one base.
  9. The batter may advance on a dropped third strike pitch if no runner is on first or if there are 2 outs.
  10. Base runners can lead on the pitchers release of the ball (all bases)
  11. To steal a base, a base runner cannot leave until the release of the ball.   
  12. For Juniors, base runners can steal all bases.  Coaches can determine up front if coming home on an overthrow of third on a steal is allowed.
  13. For Majors, base runners can steal all bases.  For CM vs CM or when agreed with outside towns, stealing home could be not permitted.  Coaches can determine up front if coming home on an overthrow of third on a steal is allowed.
  14. When an overthrow occurs attempting to pick off a base runner leading off a base, runners can advance, but for Majors not to go home.
  15. Base runners can advance on a catcher’s overthrow back to the pitcher, except in Majors the runner cannot advance to home
  16. Sliding is permitted and a player must slide to avoid any contact on an attempted play to any base.
  17. Runners must avoid contact with a defender who is attempting to make a play on a ball. Any contact considered maliciously intended by the runner will result in that runner being called out. This determination is made by the umpire. The defensive player, however, must give the runner access to the base
  18. End of play occurs when the ball is in the possession of the pitcher in the 8 foot circle surrounding the pitcher’s mound after an attempt at playing a runner has been made. At that point the umpire calls time and all runners that are more than ½ way to a base will be awarded that base and all runners less than ½ way to a base will return to the previous base.
  19. For each game there will be one or two paid umpires and they will have final say over all plays.
  1. Scores must be reported to the league coordinator within 48 hours by the CM team coach for external games or winning coach for games within Chester / Mendham.  Alternately, the applicable coach can enter the score direct if access is given.
  2. Balls used are size 12 regular softballs for all games.
  3. Prior to the start of a game the coaches and umpire are required to review the rules as well as any special situations that pertain to the field they are playing on.
  4. Batting helmets with protective masks must be used.
  5. Pitchers must wear a face guard and heart guards are highly recommended.
  6. It is also recommended that all infielders where a face guard.