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Addendum to Chester Farm League

The Farm League consists of players from pre-K to 2nd grade as a first foray into softball.  The Farm league may have one or two games a week and an additional practice may be scheduled and performed.  Per the coaches’ discretion at a ‘game’, the teams may share the field for a period of time (around 20 minutes) for ‘station drills’.  These drill include fundamentals of throwing, catching, batting, fielding (grounders, and pop ups) and base running.  After which the team would play a ‘game’ which would usually be 3 innings per the rules.  The game itself should not go more than an hour and the whole session should be 90 minutes or under.

Farm Game Format:

  1. Batting will usually be with coach pitch.  However, younger players or any player not able to hit coach pitching as easy can use a tee.
  2. During game play, emphasis should be on the proper techniques taught through the drills and practices.   Coaches can stop the game at any time for ‘teaching’ moments.
  3. During games, the coach should introduce the importance and fundamentals of position play.
  4. A maximum of 11 players may be in the field at any time. Of these, only 5 may be infielders (including one or two players at the pitcher’s mound position). 
  5. With less players the outfield can be reduced and then infield at the coach’s discretion.
  6. The ‘Outfielders’ can be on the infield dirt, but should be behind the infielder.
  7. Outs are counted (remove a base-runner that is out) and three outs should end an inning unless both coaches agree that a team is not getting a sufficient amount of at bats.
  8. Games should be a minimum 3 inning game with each player batting the same amount of times as much as possible (as long as it’s not over the time limits mentioned).
  9. Base distance is 40 feet.
  10. Pitcher position distance is 35 feet. If/when coach pitch can pitch as close as 30’ if necessary.
  11. Coaches are allowed in the field.
  12. No scores are kept
  13. No game and practice combined time should exceed 90 minutes.
  14. Runners can only advance one base on overthrows.
  15. Balls used are size 11 soft softballs for all practices and games.