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Chester Mendham Baseball and Softball



  1. All players must be placed in the batting order.
  2. Players who arrive late must be placed at the end of the batting order.
  3. If there are inning run limits, it applies for all innings including the last.
  4. CM vs CM Majors games should have a 5 run inning limit.  CM vs CM Juniors game can have a 7 run inning limit if both coaches agree.  When playing outside towns, run limits should be discussed prior to the game, but the 2017 rule is no run limit for Majors and Juniors and Minors have a 5 run limit.  Keep in mind there is the 10 run mercy rule that would avoid lopsided scores.
  5. There is no batter limit per inning for Minors, Juniors and Majors.
  6. For Farm, batting in an inning can at most be once around the order. In this situation, coaches must advise the other team that the last batter is up.  The last batter may strike out or walk.  Any ball put in play by the last batter must be must be played to conclusion.
  7. In Farm, the coach can have the last batter round all the bases.
  8. If a batter is hit by a pitch they are awarded first base.  All runners advance if forced.  If a pitch hits the ground and then hits the batter, they may be awarded first base per umpire's discretion.
  9. A batter must attempt to avoid any pitched ball.
  10. If a player needs to leave during the game, their lineup spot will simply be skipped and no out charged.