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CMLL Baseball and Softball





  1. LITTLE LEAGUE rules for fast pitch shall be used, thus allowing the use of windmill or slingshot styles.
  2. One foot must be in contact with the pitching rubber upon release of the ball.
  3. Two feet must be in contact with the pitching rubber at the start of each pitch.
  4. The pitcher may not step back then forward to pitch.
  5. No double windmill or reverse windmill pitching is allowed.
  6. Since this is fast pitch league, high arc pitching is not allowed. The trajectory of the ball should be straight and not exceed 6 feet at any point after the release.
  7. Intentional walks are not allowed. If an umpire suspects that a pitcher is intentionally walking a batter, each pitch may be declared an illegal pitch and is not counted as either a ball or a strike.
  8. For Majors and Minors, a player may pitch in a maximum of 12 innings in a day.  If a player pitches in seven or more innings in a day, one calendar day of rest is mandatory.  Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched an inning.