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I.    Maximum Number of Pitches That May Thrown by a Pitcher -AAA

  • Week 1:     40 pitches per game

  • Week 2 :     50 pitches per game

  • Week 3 :     55 pitches per game

  • Thereafter:    65 pitches per game


II.    Maximum Number of Pitches That May Thrown by a Pitcher – Majors (5th and     6/7th)

  • Week 1:     50 pitches per game

  • Week 2 :     60 pitches per game

  • Week 3 :      65 pitches per game

  • Thereafter:     75 pitches per game


III.    General Pitching Rules – AAA and Majors

If your pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count while pitching to a batter, you may let the pitcher finish pitching to that batter, at which time the pitcher must be removed.

A player may not pitch in more than one game in a day.

Days of Rest Required

If a player pitches:

  • 66 or more pitches in a day – 4 calendar days of rest

  • 50 -65 pitches in a day - 3 calendar days of rest

  • 36 – 50 pitches in a day - 2 calendar days of rest

  • 21 - 35 pitches in a day - 1 calendar days of rest

  • 1-20 pitches in a day - 0 calendar days of rest

Intentional Walks

Automatic intentional walks are not allowed. All intentional walks require that the pitcher throw 4 balls which will be counted toward the pitch count.


The Little League provides specific guidelines for the tracking, recording and reporting pitch counts for each pitcher in each game. Pitch counts must be strictly enforced.

  • The home team for each game must designate the scorekeeper or another person as the official pitch count recorder. The pitch count recorder must be an adult. Provide the pitch count recorder with a pitch counter.

  • The pitch count recorder must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either manager or any umpire. However, the manager is responsible for knowing when his/her pitcher must be removed.

  • The official pitch counter’s pitch count is final, regardless of any discrepancies between any managers.

  • The home team manager is responsible for the reporting of game scores and pitch counts for both teams to the league commissioner. The visiting team manager should be copied.

Eligibility to Catch/Pitch

Any player, who has played the position of catcher in 4 or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. Pitchers who throw more than 40 pitches in a game cannot be a catcher later in that game or later in that day in the event of double headers.

Trips to the Mound

Managers are allowed 2 trips to the pitching mound per pitcher, but only 1 trip per inning per pitcher. The third trip, or the second trip in an inning, will be for replacing the pitcher.

Removal of Pitcher

If a pitcher hits 3 batters with a pitch in the game, that pitcher must be removed. If a pitch bounces first, then hits a batter, the batter is still considered hit.