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Intermediate League 50/70 Rules

All play will be subject to the official 2015 Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations & Official Playigng Rules found here, as applicable to each division, subject to the following local rules:

        Games are played on a 50/70 field.

        Games are 7 innings. 

        1 “carded” umpire behind the plate and 1 youth umpire in the field.  

        The dropped third strike rule applies (batter may advance to first on a  dropped third strike if first base is unoccupied or if there are two outs).  

        6/7 - Balks are called after 1 warning per pitcher per game.

        5th  - Balks identified, but not enforced.

        Infield fly rule applies.

        Bunting is allowed (except slash bunting is prohibited).

        Any pitcher who hits 3 batters in a game cannot continue to pitch in that game.

        Players may steal on any live ball.  Leading is allowed.  Stealing multiple bases is allowed.  

        6/7th - Stealing home is allowed.

        5th - Each team is allowed 1 attempted steal of home per inning.  (An unsuccessful attempt to steal home which results in an out counts as an attempted steal.)

        Whenever a team is ahead by 7 or more runs, the team that is ahead is not permitted to steal.  The Losing Team may continue to steal.

        Head-first sliding is not permitted under any circumstances except when returning to a base  Players must slide into any base if there is an attempted play.  Any player who slides head first into any base, fails to side into home on a steal, or fails to slide into a base if there is an attempted play, will be called out.

        A new inning cannot begin after 1:45 of playing time (playing time begins  when the first pitch is thrown).  All games will stop after 2:15 of playing time regardless of score or progress. At 2:15 the game will be called and the score reverted to the last full inning. This rule is in effect regardless of field availability after the game.  In 6th/7th Majors on Saturday only the above time will be extended 15 minutes to ensure maximum playing time considering Roster Size.

       Mercy Rule -  The league uses a 12 run mercy rule after the losing team has at least completed its turn at bat in the 4th inning of a 6 inning game, or the 5th inning of a 7 inning game, or in any later inning in a regulation game.

Bat Rule (MAJORS Division):