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by posted 04/09/2021


I think practice yesterday went as well as can be expected. The boys, for the most part, were excited and focused. We will work with them on paying more attention to the hitter to ensure no one gets injured. 

Tomrrow's game is at 9:00 am at Mendham Borough Lower. If there is inclement weather, please do not call as I am generally very busy rescheduling games, calling umpires or readying the field so I will likely not pick up. If a game is canceled, I will cancel on the website and you will be informed. Since I manage scheduls for the league, I am generally the first know, which means you will know shortly after a decison is made. If you don't hear from me, the game is on as scheduled.  

For tomorrow, if your son can't make the game please send me an email or text as we try to plan rotations in advance. Batting practice will start at 7:45 for anyone who wants to hit. Batting Practice will end at 8:20. If you don't want your son to get extra batting practice, you should arrive by 8:30am. The game starts at 9am and should be over around 11 but no later than 11:15. We will be moving the boys around to find their right positions, so the start of the year will be a bit of a challenge. It will improve as the seasons continues. 

Since we wont have uniforms, try to wear a grey shirt, if possible. The boys should also bring water and cup to each game.

Let's hope for good weather and that the boys have fun since, for some, it has been a while since they have played baseball.


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